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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pre-Departure Bucket List

I now have exactly three weeks left in Dubai, and I am freaking out.  I have had an incredibly fulfilling stay here, but I'm still going to cry like a baby when I leave this place and my friends.  I'm doing my best to finish up my school assignments and allow myself as much free time as possible.  That said, if I fail to complete the following list, I will definitely be going home unfulfilled in some way.  I won't be discontent, but I'll regret having missed these activities.  If you have any desire to join or aid me in my quest to do these things, let me know, and you already know I'll agree.

Absolutely Must Do:
The American study abroads frollicking in the desert at the AUD Desert Safari at the beginning of the semester

  • Return to the desert, either to quad-bike or just picnic  I just want to go be in the middle of the desert one more time
  • Ride a horse in the desert, either at a place like Dubai Polo Club or by wrangling an Arabian horse in the desert myself
  • Visit Abu Dhabi, specifically Sheik Zayed Mosque, this can be a really brief trip, I just want to see this mosque
  • Go to the mall or something in my abaya and hijab
  • The Burj al Arab, viewed from Medinat Jumeira
My Time Would Be Greatly Enriched If I Do:
  • Visit Muscat, Oman, to see the city and dive in the Indian Ocean
  • Go on a boat/scuba dive, just something in the water
  • Visit Atlantis and/or Burj al Arab
  • Do some souvenir shopping at Souk Naif

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