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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day: 4? Maybe?

Some Arabic tea while dining with the ambassador, photo credit to Mohammed,

Me, basking in the glory of Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman (Ibn Saud)
So I'm not entirely sure which day of the trip it is, but it is currently 6:15 PM on January 1 in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.  I only have 15 minutes to post and SO much to talk about.  Apart from a day-by-day plan of what all we've done, I really want to take some time to write some good critiques of what I've learned recently, but not tonight.  We just got back from a brief walk to the beach in Khobar and will soon be heading to a nearby museum.  Inshah allah, I'll be writing a darn good and long post tonight.  Happy new year everyone!  

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