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Monday, January 14, 2013

First Day of School at AUD

Two days ago, I took a taxi from Dubai International Airport to American University of Dubai with lots of luggage and a couple of expectations.  I entered a frigid room with no hot water, circumnavigated by the ugliest roll of border you've ever seen.  The next day, I made my first friend while sitting in a small smoking section of picnic tables in the center of campus; then, I spent the next two days getting to know the other study abroad students and the few AUD students interested in showing us around.  I've been to three malls, one bar, and way too many restaurants.  What is surprising me the most is the cost of living here, but I think that a study abroad student anywhere will end up paying too much for things like transportation and room necessities.

I really look forward to writing about my experiences in Dubai, but I also still have so much to say about Saudi Arabia, it will just have to wait.  For briefer updates about Dubai, I have broken down and started using my Instagram (lncoughlin) with some frequency whenever I have wifi.

Now for a bit of downtime in the dorm room before my second and last class of the day, Religions of the Middle East.

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